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RBP plan saved a group with only 2 employees $44,160 in 2023 on their group health insurance

In this eye-opening video, we dive into the remarkable story of how reference-based pricing revolutionized the group health insurance plan for a small 2-life group, resulting in an incredible annual savings of $44,160.

Discover how this innovative pricing model transformed their healthcare expenses and learn how it can potentially benefit you and your organization too.

To quote a group health insurance RBP plan, go to If you're a small business owner, HR professional, insurance agent, or simply interested in learning about innovative healthcare solutions, this video is a must-watch.

See if a reference-based pricing plan can help you to take control of your healthcare costs while providing excellent coverage for your employees. Don't miss out on this incredible success story and the insights it offers.

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Note: The savings mentioned in this video description are based on a specific case and may vary depending on various factors, including the size of the group, geographic location, and specific plan details.

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