Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is one of the most important employee benefit an employer can offer. Quality benefits help attract and retain quality employees. Our objective is to match your business with the policy that best suits your needs. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service
Reduce Employer Cost
Reduce Employee Cost

Providing excellent customer service is more than writing a policy. It is preparing you for renewals (reducing your loss ratios), helping your employees avoid claims issues with education, and answering your calls without long wait times. Running your business is what you do, dealing with employee benefits is what we do.

It is a misconception that having an agent increases your cost, it does not. As your agent, we are your advocate between you and the insurance companies.

We have access to all the major insurance companies and some highly rated less know companies with excellent plan designs and rates. We have years of experience with small group self-funded and level funded health plans. Self-funded and level funded policies have less burdensome regulations in the design which allow for lower group health insurance rates.

When we shop for you, it is important we understand your objective as well. Do your prefer a certain insurance company over another? Are rates more important than out of pocket cost? Do you prefer one hospital system over another? What deductibles and out of pocket cost are reasonable to your employees?

Understanding your objectives can help us navigate through literally hundreds of pages of proposals. 

All of our employer groups are offered new Section 125 plan documents which allows an employer to "pre-tax" an employees benefits. Without these documents, an employer who pre-taxes employee benefits can face substantial fines. Please contact us for more information on pre-taxing benefits.

Reducing your employees cost is more challenging now than ever. In an attempt by the federal government to "standardize" the industry, we see annual out-of-pocket cost topping $6350.00. Most employee cannot afford $6350.00 in one year, much less annually for someone chronically ill or if an employee has out of pocket expenses at the end of the year and has to start again January 1st of the next year.

There is little benefit in having a health insurance plan they cannot use. Our goal is to find supplements or a balance between premiums and benefits. When an employer offers an Health Savings Account (HSA), our agents can demonstrate its value to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition we can walk your employees though the process of using their policy. Staying in-network is the key.  

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