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General Liability starting a $30 per month.

Leasing a property? Most landlords require General Liability.

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As an independent insurance agency, we can access multiple markets to insure you receive the coverage that best suits your industry.

  • Costs related to property damage claims made against your business.

  • Cost to settle claims by a third party for which your business caused personal injury.

  • Advertising claims made against your business.

  • Administrative costs related to covered claims.

  • Court costs and attorney fees associated with covered claims.

  • Settlements and judgments for covered claims.

General Liability (GL) Quote Request
Primary Location
Step 2
What time does the business close?
How many full-time employees?
How many Part-time employees?
Is the applicant's operation that of a Bail Bondsman or Investigation Agency?
What time does the business close?
Does your business perform any design, construction, installation, removal, or physical repair of any property or tangible goods?
Does the applicant's operation have a safe used for valuable items, money, and papers, etc.?
Are there smoke detectors in all units, common areas, hallways, laundry areas, trash chutes, compactors and other high hazard areas?

​Are any ineligible operations present in the applicant's business?

  • Any building is not occupied principally for office purposes

  • Any building is greater than 6 stories in height OR 100,000 sq. ft in total floor area

  • Contractors BPP is included and office exceeds 35,000 sq. ft in a one building

  • Contractors occupy more than 7,500 square feet, or more than 15% of the total area (otherwise, classify as a contractor office)

  • Eligible wholesaler, mercantile, processing and service occupancies and contractors in total exceed 35,000 square feet

Step 3
Does any owned building being covered under this policy have an historical designation?
Is the highest Total Insurance to Value (Building and Business Personal Property) at any one location greater than $9 million?
Are any covered buildings vacant?
Does applicant's operation have any past, present or discontinued operations involving storing, treating, discharging, applying, disposing or transporting hazardous materials?
Does applicant's operation have any exposure to radioactive or nuclear material?
Does applicant own or operate any other business or building not covered by this policy?
Within 75 feet of any applicant location, are there any exposures from manufacturing chemicals, plastics, oil, gas, wood products or a lumberyard?
Does any property have seasonal operations?
Is any location in Protection Class 9 or 10
During the prior 5 years and the current year to date, has the applicant filed any claims?
Is your business operated out of your home?
Do you currently have an insurance policy in effect for the coverage requested?
Indicate prior insurance carrier:

Do you or your business supply, manufacture, or distribute any tangible goods or products?  

Note: Brochures, documents and reports are not considered as tangible goods.

Is total Non-Contracting Payroll (excluding officers, clerical and sales personnel) greater than $2,000,000?
Has the applicant, or any company the applicant owned, filed for bankruptcy or had a tax or credit lien in the past five years?
Has the applicant or any partner(s) in the business ever been convicted of a felony?
Has coverage for the applicant's company been declined, cancelled, non-renewed, or placed in a FAIR plan in the past 3 years?
Are there any current cited violations of fire or life safety codes?
How many years has the applicant been in business?
How many years management experience does the owner or applicant have in this type of business?
Step 4
Are there any hazardous occupancies in close proximity to the building's location?
Number of Additional Interests requested?
Vacant Land (Acres)
Year of Construction
Construction Type
Is this location within 5 miles of a responding fire station? *
How far is it, in feet, to the closest fire hydrant? *
Number of Stories: *
Is building coverage requested? *
Business Personal Property Amount (requested replacement cost of your property) *
Indicate type of burglar alarm in the building
Of the total value of your business personal property, what is the value of your computer and electronic equipment? *
To protect your business's electronic data, do you use firewalls and anti-virus software, back up data frequently, and physically secure equipment that holds Electronic Data?

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